Which pandas data frame EDA packages suit you?

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As a data scientist, our work would always involve exploring data or often called Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA). The purposes of exploring data are to know our data better and grasp what we are dealing with.

Previously, exploring data using the pandas data frame is a big hassle because we…

These interactive tools would help you understand Machine Learning

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Machine learning is needed to understand and apply in our everyday job as data scientists. The knowledge to know is not limited to importing the code from the library, but it is expanded to the model concept, the algorithm choice, metrics, and many more.

To help learn machine learning concepts…

How would the AI model write my data science article?

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This is the era of automation, and writing could be automated now. With the news of OpenAI using GPT-3 that allowed us to use the amazing text model and many companies provide AI capabilities such as Jarvis or nlpcloud, we could automate every text generation now.

I personally love to…

Convert your Jupyter-Notebook to presentable forms

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Jupyter-Notebook is an IDE that many data experts use because of its easiness to use. Furthermore, you could treat Jupyter-Notebook as a coding document because it was structured similarly to a report. However, you might want to show the notebook in other forms, for example, HTML or PDF.

To convert…

These packages would extend the Jupyter Notebook Functionality

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Jupyter Notebook is a popular IDE for many data experts for analyzing data and developing machine learning models because of its useability and utility. The Notebook is already a beginner-friendly IDE to use and could be extended even more to improve your data activity productivity with a bit of tweak.

Interesting interactive data visualizer in the Jupyter environments for you to know

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Visualization is an important part of data analysis. Without visualization, we would have a hard time summarizing the information from our data. However, there are times we want to have a dynamic visualization to ease our analysis activity.

Luckily, Jupyter Notebook has many visualization extensions we could use to create…

Use these packages to help your Data Science work

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Data visualization is a process to summary your data into a graphic representation to help people understand the data. Imagine your data exploration or validation without data visualization? It is hard, right?. Additionally, data visualization might reveal additional information we cannot find in the statistical summary.

Data visualization also helps…

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